TRITHEMIS aurora – Libellulidae

The species is known as Trithemis aurora - Libellulidae, which has a beautiful appearance, with pink body all over the males, while in females is golden brown with dark lines on thorax and abdomen. This species is commonly found in many places, but more often in watersheds (rarely found in swamps). Usually, they perched on … Continue reading TRITHEMIS aurora – Libellulidae


HUNTING in Bantimurung National Park

In December 25, 2016, coincides with Christmas Day, I travel to Maros and Makassar (in South Sulawesi), with my objectives will visit the Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park. Of course, to hunt dragonflies and butterflies, because I heard that in Bantimurung very many butterflies. Even the National Park is known as "The Kingdom of Butterfly". Accompanied by … Continue reading HUNTING in Bantimurung National Park

CELEBOTHEMIS delecollei – Libellulidae

One specific type of dragonfly in Sulawesi, is Celebothemis delecollei - Libellulidae. Various reports on this species is found among others in North Sulawesi. In South Sulawesi, the number of species is relatively abundant, and often I found in Parepare and several locations in Enrekang. Usually in October to February. This species is relatively familiar, … Continue reading CELEBOTHEMIS delecollei – Libellulidae