CELEBOTHEMIS delecollei – Libellulidae


The male of Celebothemis delecollei – Libellulidae

One specific type of dragonfly in Sulawesi, is Celebothemis delecolleiLibellulidae. Various reports on this species is found among others in North Sulawesi. In South Sulawesi, the number of species is relatively abundant, and often I found in Parepare and several locations in Enrekang. Usually in October to February.


Perched on the river rocks – Parepare – South Sulawesi, Oct 15, 2016

This species is relatively familiar, and can easily be photographed. Have a habit of flying fast and high, sometimes up to 15 meters from the ground. Liked the place is open and clean, although sometimes found in dimly lit locations, usually in clumps of bamboo growing on the riverbank.


Found in Enrekang – South Sulawesi, Nov 13, 2016


Style with outstretched wings, in Enrekang, Nov 13, 2016


Perched on bamboo leaf – Enrekang, Nov 13, 2016

So far, I haven’t to find the females. and I don’t know the circumstances of female characteristics. In the field, these species are often joined together Paragomphus, Trithemis, and Rhinocypha. These species are large, probably about 5 cm or more.

One of the highlights of this species is thin abdomen, like a stick, black. Bluish-green thorax, with yellow stripes. The legs are black with translucent wings without blotches of color. In one meeting, I usually only found with three to six specimens.


The appearance from above – Parepare, Jan 21, 2017


Watch the thin abdomen, very unique – Parepare, Jan 21, 2017


Rare and wonderful species – Parepare, Jan 21, 2017

Photos by Geni Harefa Ais, 2016-2017

IUCN Notes: 

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