SHOTS Dragonflies & Butterflies


I started photographing at the age of five years old …

I was born in Parepare, South Sulawesi, on December 9, 2008. Now, I’m still a pupil in primary school. I really like taking pictures of insects, especially dragonflies and butterflies. I started photographing something at the age of five years, using a plastic camera. I travel to many areas, still in South Sulawesi, to “hunt” dragonflies and butterflies.


Walking through the shrubs, heading to a location in upriver…


When shooting, I always use a tripod, my hands isn’t able to withstand the weight of the camera!


Hunting on the side of highway… behind me, the vehicles moving in high speed…!

My Mom really helped me to this hobby, and I always follow my Dad when he was exploring the forests and various places. Sometimes, I had to leave school, just to “hunt”. My brother, Hawer Diksi Ais, and my sister Deidra Anaye Ais, alternately drove or accompanied me to various regions or locations where I was “hunting”. Sometimes a trip takes hours, even once reached 650 kilometers away, in one trip.


Discuss with friend, as a local guide… about shooting results on camera display…!


Taking pictures of dragonfly, in the gardens which is lined with barbed wire…!


Take a break, while enjoying the food we bring from home…

Now, since August 2016, I use a compact camera, and I’ve been taking pictures close to 40 species of Odonata, all in South Sulawesi. When shooting, I can’t use a hand, because my hand isn’t able to withstand the weight of the camera, always shaking. So I use a tripod, making it more flexible aiming object to be photographed. I haven’t been able to use the bayonet cameras.


Hunting in the middle of the river… after descending steep river cliffs….


Shooting objects, using a compact camera…. sometimes hard!


Checking the pool of water, looking for signs of breeding of the damselflies…


Capture the dragonfly with a friendly way, check the wings pattern, then release it…!

Observe and learn Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) and Lepidopterans (butterflies and moths) is a pleasant custom, especially if we can take pictures of them. By using a compact camera, I try to capture the various species of insects, especially the group of dragonflies and butterflies. With suggestions from my Dad and Mom, I traveled to various regions, it’s still limited in South Sulawesi, to photograph dragonflies and butterflies.


Hunting is over… it’s time to enjoy the food, fried cassava with chili sauce. Very delicous!

These small adventures is very pleasant, also full of challenges. Moreover, for photographing dragonflies, it wasn’t easy. It takes patience and skill, which to me, all is still not well. Often, I return from “hunting” feeling disappointed, because I didn’t find a dragonfly or butterfly that I want to take pictures, or because the pictures that I take aren’t so good.


The male of Neurothemis terminata – Bantimurung National Park, Dec 25, 2016

Another problem is not easy for me to known of dragonflies and butterflies, especially to know the scientific names. Fortunately, my Dad and also my friends on Facebook are always helpful. And, through the posts in this blog, I hope to share knowledge with friends and visitors.

Peace for Odes!


The female of Neurothemis terminata – Dec 25, 2016

Dragonfly photos by Geni Harefa Ais, 2016



Libellago rufescens – Chlorocyphidae, Celebothemis delecollei – Libellulidae, Paragomphus capitatus – Gomphidae, HUNTING IN BANTIMURUNG NATIONAL PARK


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