HUNTING in Bantimurung National Park

In December 25, 2016, coincides with Christmas Day, I travel to Maros and Makassar (in South Sulawesi), with my objectives will visit the Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park. Of course, to hunt dragonflies and butterflies, because I heard that in Bantimurung very many butterflies. Even the National Park is known as "The Kingdom of Butterfly". Accompanied by … Continue reading HUNTING in Bantimurung National Park

CELEBOTHEMIS delecollei – Libellulidae

One specific type of dragonfly in Sulawesi, is Celebothemis delecollei - Libellulidae. Various reports on this species is found among others in North Sulawesi. In South Sulawesi, the number of species is relatively abundant, and often I found in Parepare and several locations in Enrekang. Usually in October to February. This species is relatively familiar, … Continue reading CELEBOTHEMIS delecollei – Libellulidae